Lessons Learned The Hard Way (Paperback)


Sometimes in life, we find ourselves needing to regroup, reset, recreate, and recover. In Lessons Learned The Hard Way, Dr. Victor Couzens draws from his own personal experience with personal setbacks and even public shame to provide both hope and help for anyone whose life has ever been fractured, shattered, interrupted, or torn apart.

With wit, transparency, humor, real life situations, illustrations, and scripture, Dr. Couzens, in a way that only he can, helps the reader to never waste an opportunity to grow and begin again.




My brothers and sisters, I gotta tell you the information that comes from this book is going to be honest and wonderful!  Everyone that reads this book will find a way to take your foot off the pedal when you see that red light, and get your act together.  Like the writer said, God gave us brains too!  He didn’t make us robots.  This is a great book with honest information.  It’s coming out at the right time too! I can’t wait!  – William Mickey Stevenson, Motown A&R

It has long been said that, “Some lessons are taught and others are caught”.  From the first page to the end of this book, you will perceive that “school” is in session.  Dr. Victor Couzens gives us a transparent glimpse inside of his journey from a young fourteen-year-old preacher to the present.  From mishaps and misjudgments to realignment and restoration; he bares his soul to share the timeless lessons that could only be unearthed through life’s pain.  This book is a must for your library.  – Bishop Randy Borders, Senior Pastor

Please read this book not looking to read a tell-all but looking for spiritual enlightenment on how to learn lessons from others that have been through or might go through what you may face one day.  This book is right off heaven press to help us, to prevent us, from making the same mistakes.  (When we are born we look like our parents but when we die we will look like our decisions.)  I pray for every leader and person that reads this book that you will come away from it with a renewed insight on life and life decisions.  We can make it through decisions MADE OR NOT MADE if we don’t give up in the storm.  Don’t ever quit, don’t ever give up, if God is for you He is more than the whole wide world against you.  YOU CAN TRUST GOD.  – Bishop Willie McCalla – Senior Pastor

Making mistakes, being falsely accused, betrayed, and having one’s reputation attacked, while devastating, is also common among every great leader I know.  What is rare, however, is leaders who are willing to admit their own frailties with complete authenticity and transparency in order to empower and help transform the lives of others.  This is exactly the ingredients found in this book and why I celebrate this great work.  – Dr. Kimberly Credit, Pastor, Professor & Author

If this book were presented in the form of a song it would literally be the soundtrack of my life!  This book, Lessons Learned The Hard Way, by Bishop Victor Couzens will empower “The righteous man who falls seven times in one day” (Proverbs 24:16) with the power and equipment to bounce back from every trial, obstacle, addiction, scandal or calamity.  I must admit that every chapter in this book shined a spotlight on some “real” challenges and struggles that existed within my own mind, emotions, and will.  After reading and processing the profound truths nestled on page after page I was instantly convicted and ultimately vindicated to my rightful place in God.  Bishop, thanks you for eloquently illustrating (Chapter One) “How to avoid running run-red lights by remaining sober-minded.”  Your transparency, honesty, and passion for all mankind is sure to send healing to the nations.  – Dr. Earnest L. Pugh, M.Div.; D.Min.

This book will inspire, reproof, and instruct each reader.  It’s personable and relatable.  It’s a book that will have you asking questions and questioning past decisions.  This book will even allow you to see our natural streetlights in a different way.  A yellow light will mean something totally different after reading this book.  The yellow streetlight no longer means drive faster to get through.  It now stands as a warning and a precaution indicating “something” is changing.  We have all sped through many yellow lights in our lives not to catch the red light but in speeding, not only did we run through the yellow light, but we failed to realize we had actually caught 2 seconds of the red light.  This book will help each reader identify the distractions in their own lives so they too can be self-aware and more disciplined. – Abigail Couzens, Wife


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